Land Water Construction Management

Erosion & Sediment Control

Jecker Field Services provides erosion and sediment control installation, design, inspection, maintenance, and reporting services to ensure our clients are in compliance with required permits and regulations. We install the appropriate erosion and sediment control devices (temporary and permanent) required to protect regulated resources (wetlands, streams, protected species areas, cultural resource sites) to comply with local, State, and Federal regulations.


  • US Army Corps of Engineers permits
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • US Environmental Protection Agency water quality certification
  • State water quality certification
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission standards
  • City/County specific requirements


  • Oil & Gas – well pads, pipeline, compressor stations, and associated facilities
  • Energy – transmission lines and facilities, wind farms
  • Transportation
  • Wetland, stream, and protected species habitat restoration
  • Site development and restoration
  • Residential and commercial development
  • Drainage improvement


  • Stringent local ordinances
  • Protected species
  • Wetlands and other jurisdictional waters of the United States
  • Site restoration for eroded areas
  • Water quality

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Hydrostatic Test Discharge Services

Jecker Field Services can provide turn-key services for hydrostatic test discharges associated with new construction as well as integrity/anomaly testing of existing facilities and pipelines.


  • Hydrostatic Test Discharge Oversight/Management
  • Hydrostatic Test Discharge Permitting
  • Construction and on-site maintenance/modification of dewater structures with appropriate filtration
  • Collection of water samples as required by the permitting agency
  • Reporting as required by the regulatory authority
  • Our services ensure that our Clients are in compliance with required permits and regulations, and that erosion and sedimentation issues are minimized or avoided.

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Site Restoration

Jecker Field Services can provide turn-key services for a wide variety of restoration projects. Our site restoration experience includes:

  • Pipeline Right-of-Ways, Well Pads, Reserve Pits, and Compressor Stations
  • Development Sites
  • Streams, Wetlands, Protected and Sensitive Species Habitat on Private and Public Lands
  • National Park Lands

Our site restoration services includes:

  • Site Assessment
  • Restoration Design
  • Water and Soil Sampling
  • Earthwork and Soil/Surface Stabilization
  • Installation of Appropriate Erosion and Sediment Controls
  • Planting and Seeding
  • Irrigation
  • Monitoring and Inspection
  • Maintenance

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Inadvertent Return Management

Jecker Field Services provides monitoring and management of inadvertent returns for directional drilling. Our compliance and permitting specialists are experienced with directional drilling and well-versed in what is required when an inadvertent return occurs in unprotected and protected areas (protected species habitats, cemeteries, wetlands, etc).


  • Installation of Appropriate Erosion and Sediment Controls prior to Directional Drilling
  • Inspection and Monitoring during Directional Drilling
  • Evaluation, Containment, and Reclamation of Drilling Mud
  • Reporting to Appropriate Agency if Required
  • Our services ensure that our clients are in compliance with required permits and regulations, and that erosion and sedimentation issues are minimized or avoided.

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  • Cabin and tiny home construction
  • Animal pin/enclosure
  • Lean-To and carport
  • Benches, tables, outdoor sinks
  • Decks and porch railings


  • Small appliances and fixtures
  • Structure maintenance
    – Removal of wasp/spider/unwanted critters in eves, soffits, porches, etc.
    – Gutter cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Painting
  • Fence repair
  • Hanging porch, parking, and holiday lights

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Drone Work

  • Aerial photography and video
  • Photo-documentation of site conditions
  • Habitat and vegetation assessments
  • Volumetric assessment
  • Work progress photos and video

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Erosion and Sediment Control

Installation, maintenance, and removal of erosion and sediment controls in support of construction and development projects:

  • Silt fence
  • Rock check dams
  • Mulch socks/wattles
  • Erosion control matting (jute/curlex/etc)
  • Seeding
  • Hay bale
  • Hay/straw mulching (blower)

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Habitat Enhancement and Manipulation

Provide planting, trimming, removal of invasive and/or otherwise unwanted species, and earthwork services for projects that are improving sensitive habitats, protected species habitat, or satisfying mitigation requirements for development.

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Habitat Protection

Provide barriers of protection for springs, endangered species habitat, archaeological sites, trees, and other sensitive features. Barriers include:

  • Silt fence
  • Filter fabric
  • Hog/cattle panel
  • Orange netting (construction fence)
  • Chain link, barbed-wire, and wood privacy fencing
  • Boulder and rock placement

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Hauling and Debris Removal

Providing haul-off services for residential and commercial sites, as well as equipment and materials hauling to/from location.

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Land Clearing

Providing land clearing and thinning for development and private land use.

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Mowing & Shredding

Mowing and tractor shredding (and weed-eating) that includes pipeline rights-of-way, facilities, homesteads, ranches, and anything else that needs to be maintained.

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Ranch and Hunting Operation Maintenance

  • Maintain roads and trim tree limbs off of roads/blinds/away from feeders
  • Install/set-up hunting blinds and feeders
  • Build custom hunting blinds
  • Install/set-up guzzler/water troughs
  • Fill feeders, place mineral blocks
  • Plant food plots
  • Deliver hay/feed
  • Clean ranch cabins

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Seeding Service

Seeding consultation is suggested for your project to determine which seeding delivery method would be most successful for the soils and specifics of your projects.

  • Hydroseed & Hydromulch
  • No-Till Drill
  • Cultipacker
  • Broadcast

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Soil and Water Sampling

Providing safe and reliable soil and water collection services for any individual or company that is in need of sampling.

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Spraying herbicides for pipeline rights-of-way, facilities, ranches, homesteads, and any other locations that require vegetation management.

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Staff Support

Providing labor staff in support of other contractor’s projects. Labor and equipment can be provided hourly/daily/monthly.

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Tree Work

  • Removal
  • Protection
  • Trimming
  • Ball moss removal

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Providing trenching services for underground utilities (water, sewer, cable/data, and electric).

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