Environmental Inspection

WGI provides environmental inspection and monitoring services to ensure our Clients are in compliance with required permits and regulations. Our environmental inspectors are well trained and understand construction requirements, deadlines, and budgets. Our inspectors effectively communicate with contractors, and operate as the liaison between the client and agency when needed.

WGI inspection, monitoring, and reporting project experience includes:

  • Pipeline (installation, removal, replacement, hydrostatic testing)
  • Transportation (installation, expansion, replacement)
  • Wetlands and Streams (restoration, mitigation, construction)
  • Site developments (residential, commercial, and industrial construction)
  • Drainage Improvements

WGI provides construction inspection, monitoring, and reporting for projects involving:

  • Protected species
  • Environmentally sensitive habitats
  • Wetlands and other jurisdictional waters of the United States
  • Erosion/sedimentation
  • Water quality